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Based in St Neots, near Cambridge, Cambs UK, Hornet Creative is a design agency specialising in web design, online promotion, branding and marketing of small to medium businesses and entrepreneurial individuals. Providing high quality design services for companies in the St Neots & Cambridgeshire area, but also helping national and globally active enterprises to achieve their goals.

"Attention to detail is key in portraying the right image"

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What we can do for you

Web Design

From £500

Hornet Creative offers website design from initial ideas and domain name advice all the way through to final design, development and hosting of site files and personalised email accounts using your domain name.

Websites optimised for mobile

Your site will be mobile friendly. Your new website will scale to fit beautifully on whatever device is being used to view it, no zooming in on a phone and struggling to find things any more.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is taken into consideration constantly throughout the design and build process, it can also be an ongoing service after the initial launch to help push your website and business towards the top of Google search results.

Add trimmings

Add extras for as little as £35 to enhance your brand identity and look really professional, including having your logo appear at the top of browser tabs.

Professional looking emails

Email signatures with your logo can also be designed with all your social links and contact details, supplied ready to copy into your email client software.

Wordpress Design and Development

From £800

Add your own content and manage your website yourself.
No limits on number of pages or posts. You can specify which pages are included at the start, then add your own as your business expands.

Wordpress is one of the most popular platforms allowing site owners to manage their site’s content themselves. With advanced features and customisation options, it is a very effective way to have the control of your website at your fingertips.

Custom themes can be developed to suit your branding and requirements so that you will have the website you want and full control over the content. With added benefits such as social media intergration and blogging or news updates, your Wordpress powered website can also improve your Search Engine Optimisation and make you more visible on Google and other search engines.

Site set up, custom theme design & development, plugin development and ongoing site maintenence are all available from Hornet Creative, please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Logo Design and Branding

From £300

Logo design is an essential part of your company image, it should be treated with as much importance as any other aspect of your business.
Your customers will be much more interested in the products or services you are offering if your company portrays a professional appearance and makes a great first impression.
Even a simple type-logo, made up of just text, with a clean & suitable font can be far more effective than busy and clumsy looking logos of your competitors.

An affordable logo doesn’t have to look cheap

A cheap looking logo and branding can deter potential customers very quickly. While there are some very cheap logo "design" websites out there, they won’t provide you with a bespoke service, tailored design that is unique to your company and yours to own.
In fact I encourage caution, some websites mass produce logos and sell the same ones thousands of times. Some sites have been known to steal logo designs from designers and established brands only to sell to unsuspecting buyers.

Please get in touch if you are considering a new logo or re-brand, at the least I might be able to offer some advice and at best provide you with a great new logo and brand identity well within your budget.

Graphic Design

Business card design from £80. Please get in touch for a quote.

Business cards, flyers, menus, signs, company fascias, shop displays, packaging, carrier bags.. these are just a few of the things that can be designed with everything required to portray your company in the best possible way and provide your customers with the information you want them to see.

Questions? Here’s a few answers...

What is a responsive website?

A responsive website, or responsive layout, is a website that will change width and appearance depending on the device or screen size it is being viewed with. A simple way to describe this might be to say that the website has a "mobile version". This version is shown to the visitor automatically, another term for this is "optimised for mobile". Rather than forcing the site visitor to zoom in on their smart phone, they will only have to scroll down as the contents have been resized and reordered to make viewing easier.

A good example, built by Hornet Creative, is the website for the very talented interior designer Annie Hazell. If you view this site on a computer and then on a phone, you will see the difference clearly. If you are on a computer and you can change the browser window size (often by clicking and moving the bottom right corner) you can watch the website change as you increase or decrease the width.

You have likely encountered many responsive websites while looking around online. You may not have noticed as it’s the best ones that have you reading the content the moment you arrive on the site.

Why have a responsive layout website?

As more websites are being accessed using mobile phones and tablets it is more important to provide the information visitors are looking for in as few steps as possible. By removing the need to squint their eyes and zoom in, by implementing a responsive layout, your site could already be one step ahead of your competition.

In addition to a great visitor experience, you will also be higher in Google searches. Mobile optimised websites are favoured by Google and other search engines when the search is taking place on a mobile device.
With mobile use and searching on-the-go increasing rapidly, this means you’ll have more chance of capturing the attention of your target customers, whereever they are!

Read more about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is Wordpress?

Wordpress is a Content Management System. Building a website using the Wordpress management platform allows you to take control of your site and it’s content. You will be able to update things as often as you choose, adding pages, images and text, all from your computer, tablet or phone.. all you need is to be able to get online. There is no downloading of any software, everything is web-based and requires just a little time to learn.

The added advantage of using Wordpress is that you can create a blog or news section. By updating your site with regular posts you will be constantly adding new pages and content, this helps your site grow and improves SEO.. search engines really like this.
Not only will it mean more information for your visitors, it means more chances they will find you in the first place.. as your site would likely begin climbing up the rankings on search engines, such as Google.

If you prefer, Hornet Creative can maintain your site and add regular posts based on a few notes or info you supply.
Please get in touch to discuss options.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)?

SEO is a term used to describe all the things that can be done to make your website appear higher up on Google and other search engine results. When building a website it’s wise to consider on-site SEO, using words and terms that your desired visitors and customers would search for.
Having a site that grows and is interacted with by visitors will help boost the awareness of the content and send the site climbing higher. This is why regular additions to a news or blog section are a simple way to help gain an advantage over your competitors that do not yet consider SEO when maintaining their websites.

There are many other things that can be implemented to improve your website’s optimisation for search engines, but by first building it on a good management system like Wordpress you can expand and add to it with far more ease... providing more pages and content to be shown on Google and found by your potential visitors.

Please get in touch if you have any other questions.


Please call or send an email with details of your project and services required. We can then discuss the things you want to achieve and the best possible solutions to make them happen.
I look forward to hearing from you...

Russell Horne
Director & Designer